POLICY TO PROTECT PERSONAL INFORMATION  Purpose: This policy is to safeguard personal information entrusted to West Lorne Baptist Church (WLBC) and to comply with the requirements of the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) and any other applicable legislation. Privacy Principles: WLBC is committed to maintaining the accuracy, confidentiality…

Re-Dedication 1947

On Sunday April 20, 1947 the opening and re-dedication services of West Lorne Baptist Church were held after the fire of 1946 destroyed the building. Check out the original copy of the service bulletin for that week. View Below or Download

Bible Reading Plan

Reading the Bible is an essential part of growing as a Christian. How will we ever become more like Christ, if we do not know more of who He is and how He works? This Great Book never gets old! We don’t read because we are trying to earn God’s…

Biblical Manhood and Womanhood

Below are a list of great resources (free ebooks, articles, audio and video) that can help us ensure we understand to the best of our ability what it means to truly be a man and what it means to truly be a women. As culture attempts to redefine marriage and…

1910 - West Lorne Baptist

Church History 1877-1966

Our church has a rich, long history dating back to 1876. Read below about the beginnings of the church in both West Lorne and Rodney. There is also included a brief early history of the church leaders. *Photo is from 1910