How important is it to host people in your home? What significance is there to inviting people into your life? What are some of the barriers or excuses that cause us to not host maybe as much as we should? These are all important questions that should be asked, when we realize how purposeful hosting can really be for Gospel ministry opportunities.

We invite people to come and know a welcoming, loving, and generous God…from behind a wall? There is incredible barriers we build to having people believe our message when our mannerisms don’t match up. God is hospitable. Are we reflecting that for the Glory of His name?

Main Scripture : 1 Peter 4:7-11
Supporting Scripture : Matt 5:16; Heb 13:2; Luke 10; Rom 12:13; Luke 9:10-11; Acts 28:30-31; Eph 2:12-13; Eph 2:19; Lev 19:34; Ezek 20:8-9; Psalm 106:8;
Speaker : Pastor Corey M.K. Hughes

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