Reconciled to God

In Colossians 1 we see the beauty of the Gospel in its full light as we are brought to understand the reconciliation we received and how desperately lost we are without Him.

*Unfortunately the audio recording had an error 8 minutes in.

 Here are some notes from the message.

  • Our relationship to God was broken beyond repair
  • To be reconciled is to exchange hostility for friendship.
    • It is a peace treaty signed
    • It is when enemies become friends.
  • The fact that we need reconciliation tells us there must be something wrong with humanity.
  • How great must this reconciliation be if it comes by death?
    • If peace only comes by blood?
  • If we want to understand the magnitude of reconciliation we must know our need.
  • We are enemies of God, hostile toward Him.
  • Christ brings us the peace we need. It is not just a calming peace.
    • At its foundation it is the ending of a war.
  • We were alienated – foreign and out of place. Not belonging.
    • Having no hope and being without God.
    • It is a foretaste of hell itself.
  • We were hostile
    • Not only away from God, but against God.
      • And we don’t want to look at ourselves this way.
    • We use “hostility” to describe acts of war.
  • Scripture bares us of anything we think we can bring to God as a peace offering.
  • God did not wait for us, we would have never come. He came for us.
  • For everyone who believes, this war is over.
    • The peace treaty has been signed in blood.
  • Christ offered a single sacrifice, and perfected us for all time.
    • What can you add to perfect?


Main Scripture : Colossians 1:19-22
Supporting Scripture : Eph 2:12; Rom 8:8-9; Ex 34:7; Rom 5:8-10; Jer 13:35; John 6:65; Heb 4:10; Heb 10:14; 2 Cor 5:21; Rom 8:33
Speaker : Jeff Froese