What Fruit?

The way we live life shows who we ultimately belong to, whose command we follow, and who we desire to please. So we ask the question, what fruit is in our lives?

Fruit is something that grows naturally on its native tree, and when it has been supplied by external nutrients. We take a look at what fruit is in the life lived in slavery to sin, and what fruit is in the life of the godly.

There are two Relationships each with its own Realities, which produce a Result.

Relationship (Slave to Sin), Reality (Dreadful Freedom, Shameful Fruit), and Result (Death Eternal)

Relationship (Slave to God), Reality (Satisfying Freedom, Glorifying Fruit), and Result (Life Eternal)

Main Scripture : Romans 6:20-22
Supporting Scripture : Rom 8:7–8; 2 Tim 3:5; John 13:34; Jer 12:1; Job 21:7; Ps 73:3; Gal 5:1;
Speaker : Pastor Corey M.K. Hughes

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